Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yakima, Washington

We’re in Yakima, Washington, and spending time with the hospitable Pat and Cindy, Jim’s friends from high school (Pat and Jim graduated from Davis High School in Yakima; Cindy graduated from Yakima’s Eisenhower High.)

Yesterday they took us to see minor league baseball; we saw the Yakima Bears (the farm team for the Arizona Diamondbacks) play the Spokane Indians (the farm team for the Texas Rangers).  The Bears got drubbed, but it was fun.

Today we went with Pat and Cindy to the Yakima Farmers Market and had a great brunch at Yakima's Powerhouse Grill.
Cindy, Bev, Pat and Jim at the Yakima County Stadium, home of the Yakima Bears.  Unfortunately, the team will move to Hillsboro, Oregon, beginning next season. 


  1. Would this be an appropriate time to say "Go Beavers?"

  2. That's always an appropriate battle cry in our household!