Saturday, August 4, 2012

Matt and Jeannine's wedding

A couple of group shots from tonight's lovely wedding in Portland:  Salt Lake friends Norma and Steve; parents of the groom Debbie and John; Jeannine and Matt; Jim and Bev; New Jersey friends Caroline and Patrice.

Another shot sans bride and groom.
John and Deb's family with the newlyweds:  Deb's sisters Pam and Lisa of Cleveland; John's SIL Janie of Berea, Ohio; parents of the groom John and Deb; John's brother Jim of Berea; groom Matt's brothers Alec and Chris; Dane's friend Michael; Matt's brother Dane; Janie and Jim's son Jim.

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  1. What? ... I'm supposed to say something irreverent about a young couples wedding? Even I have some lines I won't cross. On the other hand, your friend Sandy, has asked that you slip some of her cards to happy groom and bride.