Friday, March 1, 2013

Orchids and ice

From L to R: SIL Suzie, brother Bob, Mom and orchids at 
the Cleveland Botanical Garden's "Orchid Mania" show 
where we saw chocolate-scented Oncidiums and more in 
settings duplicating climates of Costa Rica and Madagascar.  
Also saw two very cool panther chameleons.
In older news, these are Mom's east-facing windows that normally have a clear and beautiful view of farm fields and woods ... but one morning last week looked like man-made privacy windows.  The frosting, however, was courtesy of Mother Nature.  That same day, a jet slid off the just-as icy-runway at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  Mom's own orchid/amaryllis garden (courtesy of Bob and Suzie and my other brother Don and SIL Trudy, plus my nephew/Mom's grandson Ben) can be seen in the shadows.

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  1. Chocolate plants, Costa Rica, Madagascar, panthers and chameleons...and you say you're in Cleveland? The last time I saw your brother Bob he was probably about 20 years old, and when you have written about him in your blog, I think I pictured him now, as then. Saying this as politely as I can, .. , he doesn't look twenty years old any more. In fact as I look around, I've noticed that most everyone I know are changing in appearance. The only two people that seem to have escaped the aging process, are me, and of course your mother. I don't know how we do it.