Friday, March 1, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the rig: A celebrity sighting

While I’m in northeastern Ohio with my Mom, Jim is with the rig at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base Fam Camp.  Jim’s been hiking, reading, working out at the base’s rec center and enjoying some guy time with his dog, Cooper.  Photos of a couple of places they’ve hiked are below.

Plus: Today I got a text from from Jim saying he’d spotted the rig of someone who, in our RV world, is a celebrity.  The motor home Jim saw belongs to Andy B., a Lazy Daze RV owner whose web site we poured over before buying our Lazy Daze.  After owning our rig for three years, we still search a Lazy Daze Yahoo group Andy moderates when our rig leave us thinking “What the?” 

While Andy wasn’t home, Jim knew whose rig it was because 1) It’s a Lazy Daze and you don’t see many beyond California where they are made.  Heck, you don't see that many of them even in California, so when we run across another Lazy Daze we notice.  And 2) Andy’s rig is emblazoned with its name: Skylark. 

Out of respect for Andy’s privacy, I won’t say where Jim spotted Andy’s Lazy Daze.  But I think it’s OK to pass along a link to Andy's web page.  It’s a wealth of well-written, entertaining information about living full time in a motor home.

Photo taken by Jim while hiking south of Tucson: Mt. Wrightson from Dutch John Spring trail, Madera Canyon Recreation Area, Sahuarita AZ.
Another hiking spot, this time north: Snow on the Catalina Mts., Bug Springs trail, Tucson AZ.

And, the celebrity rig Jim saw today.


  1. Well, gawrsh--I didn't know I wuz famous! Sorry I missed you, Jim; stop by again if you're in the area. and we'll have a chat.

  2. Andy! Thanks so much for checking in with us. We would love to talk with you in person altho it does not look like it will happen this time around. We'll keep an eye out for you. Also, we're planning on using your New Mexico parks app when we go to NM. Thanks for all you do.