Monday, March 18, 2013


I wanted to post a few new photos of Davis Monthan Air Force Base where we’re staying in our motor home.  We’d been told picture taking was OK anywhere except the base entrance -- which seems odd, since you can clearly see the entrance from off the base.   But we've followed that rule.

We'd noticed some big cargo planes that I thought would make a great picture.  So Jim dropped me off and drove around the block while I took photos.  I got only a few shots when three guys in uniform approached and asked why I was taking photos.  I told them I did a travel blog and wanted to post them on it.  They said the planes were being used for an exercise and that I couldn't take photos for security reasons.
As I was deleting the photos, I saw Jim driving up and I told the airmen the guy in the approaching Honda was my husband.  Realizing there might be a problem with my picture taking, Jim pulled up next to us, rolled down the window -- and said "I've never seen that women in my life".  Ha Ha.  After the airmen explained why I couldn't take photos, Jim asked if I could get a shot of them instead  -- and they said yes.  A photo of the three very professional and very nice servicemen is below.


  1. As I recall, this was not the first run-in you have had with military authority! Yes, you look innocent enough, but your record speaks for itself. I suspect that your next attempt at air travel will include the excitement of a TSA general alert as you try to board the plane.

    Regarding Jim's refusing to acknowledge you, I would not be too hard on him; Did you see the arms on those guys? I think Jim did the wise thing, and brave for just stopping. Had it been me I would still be diving around that block.

  2. I did see he arms on those guys. The one in the middle has arms like tree trunks. And when I (and you and Sandy) had a run in with the law at OSU, those poor National Guard guys were our age at the time. Babies with bayonets.

  3. Sandy says, she doesn't remember any of that. She thinks she was probably at the library studying.