Friday, March 29, 2013

You may have reservations

Deming, NM is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  If you drive ten miles east and a little south, you are really in the middle of nowhere.  You’re also at the Adobe Deli Steakhouse.

The Lazy Daze folks we met at Pancho Villa State Park recommended it to us.  They warned us the restaurant didn't look like much.  I also read an on line review where the writer said he had reservations -- not for a meal, but about going inside. It was an experience in dining and we give it a two thumbs up.
The open chain link door takes you toward the restaurant. When we arrived we saw Border Control cars and thought maybe we'd missed the restaurant and were at an old Border Patrol warehouse ... but the officers were inside eating.

Bev at the front door.  

These taxidermied guys are the second thing you see when you go through the door. The first is a sign that said "Soup of the day:  Whiskey."  There is also a display of police and fire department decals, an oxygen and dessert bar, a library, old highway signs and ... well, a lot of stuff. 
 I took this photo with a camera setting called "clear night portrait." It lit the place up.  And while a a restaurant ad called Adobe Deli's lighting "delicate," we'd change that to "almost completely dark."  The same ad called the ambiance "sophisticated with a western twist."  It must have been referring to an 8-foot alligator displayed in a glass box.
Close up of the animals behind Jim in the previous photo.
Jim and his "freaking huge" turkey club sandwich.  I had a very big, very good burger.  We both got the cole slaw and I ate both of them.  Obviously, I liked it. The big white wall behind Jim is a projection screen.

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