Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back at the Base

Jim and I have been back together in Tucson for about a week and a half.  Even Cooper the dog, seemed happy to see me when I returned from a visit to Ohio -- he leaned against me and sat on my feet, which in his world is high affection. Didn't last long, but it was nice for the moment.

For a few days after I returned, it was cloudy, a little rainy and more than a little cool.  So we went on a Downton Abbey marathon and watched the last third of season two and all of season three.  Since we’d rented DVDs, we also had the “special features” -- so we watched how the weddings were filmed and heard Julian Fellowes discuss being a villain for the way he ended season threeWe’re all caught up with the Crawleys, the Granthams, that big old castle, and the main characters who are dropping like flies.
We’ve also been going to the Davis Monthan Air Force Base gym. We haven’t missed a day at the gym unless we're hiking.  If it weren’t for beer and cookies (Jim) and everything-else-that-isn’t-nailed-down (Bev), we might be very thin.
Along that last thought:  I heard about a product that extends the life of an open bottle of wine.  It’s a spray can containing a type of gas; you spray the gas into the partially used bottle, put in a stopper, and the wine supposedly taste just as good a few days later.  I told Jim that when we open a bottle of wine I tend to drink too much because I don’t want to waste it, and maybe getting the wine preservative would be a good idea.  Jim responded with something along the lines of “Maybe you ought to look for something that does the same with an open bag of chips.”  I laughed. He's lucky I was in a good mood.
One of my must-dos when in Wellington, Ohio with my Mom is to go to the Wellington Diner to get Lake Erie perch.  Here is Mom and our meals.  Side note:  the Wellington Diner no longer goes by that name.  But then again, I still call the Wellington High School the “new school” and it’s been there for 40 years.
Flying over a partially frozen Lake Erie on my way to Tucson, via Cleveland and Chicago.
The Air Force Base fitness facility we've been going to.