Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kartchner Caverns State Park: Foothills Loop Trail

This morning we did a 3-mile hike called Foothills Loop.  It went through a dry wash, climbed a hill near the Kartchner Cave and up a short, steeper spur that took us to a mountain lookout.  Now we’re back in the rig and it’s windy again.  Plus we have new neighbors camping in six tents. They got in after dark last night and were amazing quiet for a big group.
Jim walking by the dry wash.
Another view.
Cooper poses at the Foothills Trail loop summit.
Cooper holds his pose.  It almost looks like I was just photo shopped in.
A view of the tram that takes people from the visitors' center to the cave entrance.  
A mortar in bedrock we saw along the trail.  It was probably used to grind mesquite beans or other foods by native people.  Evidence shows native groups may have lived in the area as long ago as 4800 BC, but there's no evidence any of them used the caves.
Our neighbors' homes.  I've only done tent camping a few times, all of which were easy for me because Jim packed and unpacked everything.  But I am so glad I'm not doing that any more. I like traveling with a comfortable bed and my own bathroom. And a microwave, a fridge, a heater, an air conditioner and five pairs of shoes.

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