Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blog hits

We just passed 10,000 hits on our blog, according to the "stats" section of my Blogger account.  That's minuscule in the blogging world, but big when you consider I can't even get my own kids to read our blog.

The majority of those hits are referrer spam, however, and are not real hits.  Instead of really looking at what we've posted, some robot posts a URL on my stats page hoping I'll click on an advertising-sponsored blog to boost the blogger's income. Or give my computer a virus.  Or get me to their porn site. Or a combination of the three. I read a funny/informative post on another blog about one of the recent referrer spam scams that's also cropping up in my statistics.  The new invader is a porn site and, as the blogger wrote, "probably false advertising from the number of breasts promised." 

Anyway, because of referrer spam, it's a hard to tell how many hits our blog actually gets.  The best way I can get an actual count is to sign into my account and go to a section called "posts" which lists the number of hits for that post and the number of comments. If anyone knows of a better way to get an accurate hit count, let me know.

The post that's gotten the most all time real hits (147 as of today) is titled Willow Island Disaster." It's a story we did two months into our trip while we were camping in southern Ohio.  I don't doubt the high hit count because if you Google the phrase "Willow Island Disaster" our blog shows up at either the bottom of the first page or the top of the second.

Second most hits goes to a post titled The Ponderosa (minus the Cartwrights) about a trip we took to Utah's Mt. Nebo Wilderness Area.  When I Googled those words, our post was actually the first listing. Why anyone else is Googling that I have no idea, unless it's people familiar with search engines that can exclude certain words. But why would you want to read about the Ponderosa minus Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe?  Tree info maybe.

Another one that's had a lot of hits is titled Breaking Bad Tour. That's got to be because the AMC TV show has a cult-like following, and fans travel to Albuquerque to see fictional meth-related locations.  You'd probably have to dig pretty deep on the Google results page to come up with our blog -- but Breaking Bad fans are the types to do so. (And I just Googled the phrase myself and found our blog post on page 7 of the hundreds of pages.)

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  1. Figure my contribution to the hits at 365 (one hit a day - seldom miss) times however many years ago you told us about your blog. Sadly, however, you blog has never redirected me to any porn unless you count the time you were trapped in men's shower.