Monday, June 3, 2013

Pound. Thump. Stomp.

We've had problems with the flat roof on our house for some time.  We've also had problems with our rain gutters (A previous installer told me if I'd wanted the gutters to butt up to the roof I should have told him.  After a pointed discussion, said rain gutter guy fixed the problem, but it was not the best installation job ever.)

This time we've found very good folks, and full-blown roof and gutter replacement started today.  Jim was hoping we'd be gone on another RV adventure so Shad could project manage. No such luck.
Our home's roof sans the old tar and gravel.  The new roof will be a white membrane. 
Despite knee surgery four days ago, Bev and her support hose climb a ladder to take a peek.
Our favorite roofer, Allen.  Allen's dad owns the roofing company that installing the roof and both Allen and his dad have been on-site with the crew pretty much the entire time. Allen is an ex Navy guy; he has a pretty harrowing story about crossing under the polar ice cap in a submarine that  hit an ice berg.  He's a good friend of our daughter and son-in-law.


  1. I'm fully expecting a new roof party, including escourted tours and beverages.

  2. We've got a great view from up there. I think we can see your house. At the very least, Jim wants to install a Barcalounger.