Friday, June 7, 2013

You know you're a real woman if ...

Yesterday the first of the rain gutter replacement guys showed up.  He asked if he could plug his radio into one of our electric outlets.  I said of course.  So all day long gutter guy, Jim and I listened to a local country western station at full volume.  I like some country music and Jim knows the words to all country hits.  But this was a talky country station, and along with music we got pearls of wisdom like:  "You know you're a real woman if you've cooked bacon with your shirt off." I do not pass that test.

When gutter guy went  lunch, Jim turned down the volume a bit.  Gutter guy didn't mention the change, but Jim was ready with an explanation:  While in prison, all Jim could listen to was country music and now he pretty much can't stand it.  That's true, except that instead of being in prison, Jim supervised prisoners assigned to a forestry crew.  Or at least that's what Jim told me.


  1. And he has the movie to prove it.

  2. He does have the movie, doesn't he? Jim's star turn as a prisoner/fire fighter and co-star of Erik Estada.