Thursday, June 13, 2013

The last few days

During the last few days:

---I've been going to physical therapy for my knee (surgery was two weeks ago tomorrow) and doing exercises at home.   I have an appointment with my ortho doc on Monday and expect him to give me the A OK.  That means we could be back on the road next week.

---Jim took our rig to get the generator worked on.  Despite two previous trips to Cummins in Salt Lake over the last year, we could still smell gasoline when the generator wasn't running.  Jim decided a third trip to Cummins wasn't worth it and took it to Mountain Sportsland RV in SLC.

---We had new rain gutters installed on our SLC house. With a new roof and new gutters I almost wish we'd be around for the next rain storm.  Considering how infrequently it rains here in the summer, that might not happen.

---We had our home's heating/AC vents cleaned.  I've read where doing this can be a scam, but the vents have never been cleaned in the 24 years I've lived in this house and I doubt that the two previous owners had it done.  Superior Water and Air did the job and I'd give them two thumbs up.  They even cleaned our AC condenser (not part of the bid) for free.  Jim, Shad and I can feel the difference in he air quality.

---We went to the first SLC Farmers Market of the year, along with everyone and their dog, literally. Plus a guy with a parakeet on his shoulder (kind of a meek pirate look) and another guy with an owl on each shoulder.  Jim said he didn't care if he saw another person the rest of the summer.  

---And, ta da:   We bought kayaks.  Jim kayaked a lot when he lived on the Puget Sound and misses it.  I've kayaked a little and have taken sculling lessons.  Most of my kayaking has been in a tandem with Jim, however, so I'll be practicing in shallow water as soon as my knee allows. We got my kayak at Sheels, a huge sporting good store where they have a ferris wheel; I got to ride it with Mia and her BFF, Livvy.
Jim took this photo when he inaugurated his kayak at Little Dell Reservoir near Salt Lake City.


  1. Aren't Ohio natives over 50 required by law to wear a helmet while navigating a body of water? Ithink this might apply to land-based activities too.

  2. We probably both need full body protection at all times. I'm not sure what that will be -- I'll have to think on it. That might be an invention/marketing project for you, Little.