Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"I'm sorry I spilled milk on your computer" and kayaking

Sunday we took our new kayaks to Little Dell Reservoir, just a 20 minute drive from our home in Salt Lake City.  Our friends John and Deb rented a tandem kayak from REI and joined us, as did our daughter, son-in-law, grand kids and their friend Allen.  I didn't kayak because my knee needs a few more weeks of recovery from surgery, but it was beautiful way to spend Father's Day.

I was going to post photos that evening, but there was a mishap involving my grand daughter, a small plastic bottle of milk, and my laptop.  I now own a brand new MacBook Air.

Shad, Ash and Mia at Little Dell Reservoir.  That's Jim way in the background.

John and Deb take their first kayak ride.
John and Deb with Jim in the background. While Jim was out on the water he got a Father's Day phone call from his daughter, Season, and a text from my son Paul. 
Allen and Shad.

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  1. John Ehrman, while only slightly younger than me, is one ugly dude.