Monday, July 22, 2013

Cleveland's West Side Market

Today we went to the West Side Market, an indoor/outdoor market in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland, just west of downtown. It's been in operation since 1840; much of the land was donated by two former Ohio City mayors and businessmen who stipulated the land be used as a neighborhood market.  The West Side Market has two main sections:  one with fruits and veggies (we bought peaches and nectarines) and a bigger section with baked goods and meats (we bought cannolis).
Inside view of an aisle at the West Side Market.  There are 185 vendor stalls in the markets two main areas.
The outside of the building where the meat and baked goods are.  Per Wikipedia, the vendors include, among others, people of Irish, German, Slovene, Italian, Greek Polish, Russian and Middle Eastern descent.
After wandering the  market we had lunch at the nearby Great Lakes Brewing Company.  
This woman was just outside the market playing the accordion.  Kind of reminds us of Portland, OR.
We were supposed to take our son Paul to the West Side Market and the Great Lakes Brewery but missed our connection.  So we saw him in the afternoon and took him out for a late lunch at a restaurant near Lakewood called Si Senors.

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