Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family, friends and food

This morning Mom, Jim and I had a wonderful breakfast made by my cousin, Barb.  Barb and her husband, Ron, grew up in Grafton, Ohio and still live there in a house they bought 50 years ago.  Barb retired from a career as a grade school teacher.  Ron was a cabinetmaker and finish carpenter and can build just about anything -- including the room he, Mom and Barb are sitting in.

Mom, Ron, and Barb laugh about who knows what.  Barb and Ron have four kids, 10 grandchildren and lots of family photos on the walls and bookshelves of their family room.
Still laughing.
Here in a little more formal pose.  Barb and Ron celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary this coming Sunday, July 28.
And this time I join the group.  Thanks to Jim for being our photog.

Then this afternoon I saw my Girl Scout, junior high and high school friend Anne Weber Rosemark.  Anne and I ate cannolis while catching up on years and years of you name it.

Bev and Anne at the Bread and Brew in downtown Wellington. Anne's been married 40 years and has not only grandchildren but two great-grandchildren.  Jim and I will be married 10 years this coming January, so I'm feeling pretty behind in the marriage department -- although if you count his, mine and ours we have 58 years.


  1. It was so good to see you, Bev. I enjoyed our visit and look forward to seeing you again some day when you pass through the area. Who knows? We might meet up when Mark and I finally do a little traveling!

  2. Thanks, Anne! Take care of yourself and we'll see you in Wellington or on the road.