Monday, July 15, 2013

We've looked at clouds from both sides now

Notice the new "cover photo" at the top of the blog?  It's the view next to my Mom's house.  The clouds in Ohio are amazing.

Today Jim and I drove to an RV store and a trailer supply place in Medina, Ohio (18 miles east of Wellington) to look for a replacement part for the cord that connects the rig's brake lights/turn signals with those in the tow car.  Our old cord still works, but we'd like an extra "just in case" and our specific cord does not come ready-made.  We've had a heck of a time finding one of the parts we need; today's search was also fruitless. So odd.  

We also went to Triple A in Medina to pick up some maps for or trip back west, had lunch at a brew pub, and checked out Spencer Lake Wildlife Area for possible kayaking.  

This evening we roughed out the next leg of our trip.  We were going to return west via Canada, but we're thinking we may explore Michigan's upper peninsula and the northern US states instead.  It's a rough draft and we're flexible.
Jim at Lagerhead's Smokehouse in Medina, Ohio. We had very good barbecued pork sandwiches.
Weather forecast in northeastern Ohio: hot and humid.   Outside temperature is at the lower right of this time/temp display at Mom's. It felt warmer.  Jim let Cooper in Mom's air conditioned house and we couldn't get him out, so Coop is sleeping inside for the first time ever.

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