Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To Mom's via the turnpike

We drove to my Mom's in Ohio via the Indiana and Ohio turnpikes.  It cost us $21.95 for 166 miles.  The turnpike was not the best road we've ever driven on and it was not the worst. You'd think for more than a few bucks we'd get if not a super highway at least a really good highway.  But it was an experience and we now know what traffic lane to get into for our ticket.

So we’re at my Mom’s in Wellington, Ohio, a town in northeastern Ohio of about 5,000 people where I grew up.
This morning Jim, Cooper and I walked at the Wellington Reservation, part of the Lorain County Metro Parks System. 
Paul (Bev’s son), Bev’s mom and Bev. Jim and I picked Paul up in Cleveland, where he lives, and he’ll spend a few days with us.
Mom's house with our motor home and tow car parked to the left.


  1. Give Mom a hug from the Hauenstein's!

  2. I just did! Mom said she still has your Christmas videos. (Not sure if she still has a video player.)