Friday, July 5, 2013

In Cleveland

We took Bev's son, Paul, back to his home in Lakewood, Ohio, today.  We also met up with Salt Lake friends John and Debbie who grew up in Ohio and are here visiting family.

Downtown Cleveland as seen from Edgewater Park. 
In front of our lunch spot, the Buckeye Beer Engine, in Lakewood.  From left to right:  Deb's sister Lisa and brother-in-law Jim; John; my Jim; Deb's brother-in-law David and Deb's sister Pam; Deb; John and Deb's son Chris who is visiting from Washington DC; Paul.
Same gang, this time with fewer rabbit ears, Paul as the photographer and Bev at the far right.  


  1. Wild and Crazy Crowd, Good to see Paul, did not know he moved to Lakewood, Good to see Cleveland, I didn't remember it looking so grand. Your turnpike story brought back memories of high school trips from Cleveland to Sandusky (Cedar Point), at the toll booth they refused to let my broken down car on their precious turnpike. I showed them by taking that ol' beat up car on route 2. I must have made that trip a couple of dozen times, and never had a problem (if you don't count a few flat tires and stopping every fifty miles to replace water that escaped from the radiator, plus a side mirror fell off once, I never did find that). OH! How I miss that Lancer!!!

  2. Boy, your Lancer must have been in really bad shape if they wouldn't let it on the Turnpike. Did you ever think that maybe it was you they had a problem with and not the car?

  3. It was a peculiar characteristic of the Lancer when it was slowing down to a stop and then start moving forward again that to the unappreciative mind made the car look unsafe Unfortunately, these activities are the first two impressions the toll booth operators got of my sweet ride. This said, perhaps your right, about them seeing me as the problem and not my car. Remember I was a young smart aleck (I cleaned that up) back then. This was before I became the suave, polite, sophisticated, sensitive, gentleman that I have become!