Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bait, tackle, ice

This afternoon we drove to Port Aransas, a town on the north edge of Mustang Island.  It's a fishing, beach and resort town of about 2500 people -- but during the summer the population gets as big as 60,000.  There is only one road in and out of Port Aransas, and on the one side you have to enter via ferry -- so I can’t imagine the crowds.  But today there were just people fishing. And us walking around.
A University of Texas guard pelican. Brown pelicans are endangered, but we saw quite a few.
Another brown pelican. 
We walked around the interpretive center at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Post Aransas.
This huge shark mouth is actually the entrance to a Port Aransas beachwear store. 
This jetty near Mustang Island State Park is made out of huge blocks of pink, gray and black granite.  We saw a similar one in Port Aransas; the one in town was built in the early 1900s.  The granite was brought it by rail, then moved into place on barges. The jetties are popular fishing spots.

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