Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And in the background I hear a Glen Campbell song

Jim and I are sitting on the couch in our rig’s back lounge.  It’s 72 degrees.  A breeze is blowing through the windows.   And we are just a shell’s throw from the Gulf of Mexico. 

We’re at Galveston Island State Park in Galveston, Texas.  After setting up our camping spot, we took a walk on the beach.  Tomorrow:  More walks on the beach. 

Jim's and Cooper's first look at the Gulf of Mexico.
Also, we crossed this very cool-looking bridge somewhere in Texas.  Baytown, maybe?


  1. I am a lineman for the county maybe?

  2. Actually, we were thinking "Rhinestone Cowboy." :)

  3. I love your bridge pics. Bridges are a good example of engineers getting to do something that is "egineering exact" at the same time as making a great piece of art. And besides, whenever I see a bridge, big or small, I have the urge to cross it, just to see what is over there.

  4. Carl, you are a romantic. Whenever I see a bridge, I'm always worried that the other side might not be complete.