Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby it’s cold outside

Last night it got down to about 25 degrees; it might get in that neighborhood again tonight.  We stay plenty warm in the rig, but we do worry about the rig’s water pipes freezing -- that would cause a major inconvenience and an expensive repair.  So we did about the same thing we’d do at home:  Disconnect the outside water hose, leave the cabinets open so water pipes are exposed to warmer air, and left the heat on.  And in this case, we ran both a small portable electric heater and one that runs on propane.  We’re hooked up to electricity here, and our rig has an electric water heater -- but just to make sure our water system didn’t freeze, we turned on our propane water heater, too.
This morning there were some small icicles dripping off our water filter.  But other than that, all was well.

This photo is taken from the middle of the rig toward the cab and it’s one of the low tech ways we keep the rig warm.  What you’re seeing is a down quilt hanging from the sleeping area over the cab.  The quilt helps keep cold air out of our living space.
This morning a sparrow kept looking in the window by our dinette.  Bev put some wheat thin crumbs on the window ledge. We soon had a party. And probably you-know-what all over the roof.
And from Texas: The Christmas season has begun!

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