Friday, November 25, 2011

Going barless

We've been without internet access for several days.  This and the 3 posts before it are what I would have published had we any Verizon bars.
We left this morning for Balmorhea State Park in Toyahvale, Texas, about 150 miles southeast of El Paso -- the “desert flatlands” of west Texas.  Jim picked Balmorhea because it's in the right direction (west) and the right distance (250 miles) from our previous stop.  So far it looks charming.  Plus it has internet and cell phone access, which we’ve been without since Tuesday.  We did get a few Thanksgiving cell phone calls in to family, but were not able to reach everyone (love you, Ashley) and another call dropped and we couldn't reconnect (love you, Paul).

The drive from South Llano State Park in Texas’ hill country to Balmorhea was windy and almost uneventful...but not quite.  Since we hadn't had any internet access for a while, Jim asked me to download a book on his Kindle.  When I got up to get his Kindle, I saw our big sun shade on the outside of the rig's big back window hanging kitty-corner.  If it fell off, it could get caught in the front wheels of the tow car and create all sorts of havoc.  

We were on a part of Texas I-10 with few exits; luckily for us, one was coming up.  We stopped, Jim wrestled the shade off the the back of the rig in the wind, and the shade is now resting comfortably under a picnic table (and Jim is now resting comfortable on the couch).  We’ll get the shade reattached in Tucson or Salt Lake City.

Bottom line:  We are safe and sound in a new place. And Jim has cable TV and is looking forward to a football weekend.
This big sunshade Bev is holding was hanging kitty corner over the rear rig window while we were driving west on I-10 at 60 miles an hour.   Jim checked our other two sunshades and they are OK.
The camping shelters at Balmorhea State Park have red tile roofs.  There is also a cienega, or desert wetland, near by. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Bev and Jim

    I am so delighted that you found a place to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day Feast. I can’t imagine how long it took you to run 800 turkeys through the oven in your “Rig”! It must be comforting knowing that you now have enough turkey sandwiches to last you three or four more trips around the continent, and still assure that your kids will get some of Mom’s (traveling) home cooked turkey when they are dividing up the estate.

    I, for one, am not surprised to see that Cooper is a natural born Armadillo wrangler. In his short stay with us he admirably demonstrated his hunting skills, and his persistence in achieving the goals he set for himself. And, he certainly has that uncanny aptitude, that all sporting dogs seem have, of anticipating the next move of his prey. Certainly, he displayed that talent when he treed me.

    I think I’ve sensed a sort of relief in your writing now that you have re-entered the desert. You just seem to be more at ease in areas of the country where rain is considered a blessing instead of a nuisance.

    The Buckeyes play Michigan today, (11:00 AM Central, 10:00 AM Mountain, I have no idea what time zone you are in) I hope you can find a place to watch the game, but considering the situation this year, I would be prepared to leave a little early. Also as a favor to me, since the game is being played so much earlier out where you are, could you give me a call if things start to go badly?, that way I won’t even bother to turn the television on. Why put myself through the aggravation!

    Go Bucks, we love you, Carl and Sandy

  2. It's funny that you made that remark about re-entering the desert. When we got to the park at Junction, TX with that dry air and sunshine -- I thought "This is really nice."

    Hope you had a great TDay. PSL I think the Buckeyes did Ok considering.