Monday, November 21, 2011

The Coastal Bend

The Coastal Bend... that's what they call the neck of the woods we're in.  It's where the gulf shore of Texas curves to the south.

And just off that bend -- and near the Mustang Island State Park where we are staying -- is the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS).  Jim retired from the Navy Reserve, and I like to go to military commissaries -- so we checked it out today. The base has an RV park for active or retired military; we’re thinking of staying there on a future trip.  We also bought groceries at the commissary, then came back to the rig and did chores.  Plus we got in our walk on the beach.

Jim waiting for our lunch at the Naval Air Station.
Jim and a Blue Angel plane. The Chief of Naval Air Training selects the Blue Angels Commanding Officer, also called the “Boss” --  and that chief is headquartered at the NAS Corpus Christi, Texas.
Two guys fishing by the granite jetty nea
r Mustang Island State Park. 
Goose neck barnacles find a home on a plastic bottle. I wouldn't call the beaches we've seen especially trashy but we've seen plenty of stuff, including plastic bottles, popped balloons attached to celebratory ribbons, paper plates, juice boxes, Styrofoam containers, and fishing line.   Plastic is the worst because it doesn't biodegrade; instead it breaks up into little pieces that fish and birds eat, which clogs their digestive systems and kills them.  

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  1. Bev and Jim, we continue to enjoy your posts. You asked if I could make any suggestions for you in the Corpus Christi area. Having never been sober South of Galveston, my suggestions would not to be trusted. Though there are plenty of Mexican War (Not to be confused with the War of Texan Independence, fought sixteen years earlier) sites to be seen. If you do go looking for the footprints of Zachery Taylor, keep your search to the north side of the Rio Grande, the south side is understandably silent on this campaign.