Saturday, November 19, 2011

Low tonight: 71 degrees

We hiked the bay side of Galveston State Park yesterday, and in the afternoon we took another walk on the Gulf side.  Photos of our bay side walk below.
I really need to bone up on my birds.  Or maybe I'll just enjoy looking at them.  Whatever they are, they're big.
Jim and Coop hike on an oyster shell trail.
And I used to think Ohio was flat.
We also talked with a park ranger about exactly how Hurricane Ike impacted the park.  She told us that before Ike, the park had an extra 80 feet of beach. Ike’s force pushed beach sand further out onto Galveston Island. When the water receded, it did so with such force that the former beach -- and everything on it -- was gone.  Amazing.
Before Hurricane Ike, the park's Gulf side had three rows of campsites like these for a total of 150 spots.  Ike obliterated the front two rows; now the park has one row of 50 spots.   Ike also covered the entire park with water and wiped out the park office and two day use areas.  A new day use area was built by volunteers this spring.

This morning we took off for Mustang Island State Park near Corpus Christi, TX.  Low tonight will be 71 degrees with a breeze.  High tomorrow should be about 84.  Is it really snowing in Salt Lake City?

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